• Image of Late Night Lover 7"
  • Image of Late Night Lover 7"

33-1/3 rpm

Comes with a digital download card.

Four new songs, each written and recorded during those
romantically delirious late night hours.
"Unadorned with any modern touches, these simple and old-fashioned recordings are meant for those with broken, discontented hearts longing for something forgotten, yet so fleetingly familiar."

Self Released/Independent

"Late Night Lover is a quartet of songs. Rachel sings while hypnotically strumming her guitar. As always, she evokes the past, but not "ironically" or as some precious thing, but because there's a certain kind of magic old music evokes in us. This album is a thematic story cycle that could easily loop back to the beginning after the final song has finished. We're taken from the first fast heartbeats of new love to the final gasps of love faded."- CC2K

*Film Photography by Kelly Kustra
*Artwork and Desgin by Katie Umhoefer