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Rachel Brooke, Down in the Barnyard: Self Released, 2/22/11

The Barnyard
Lonesome For You
Must Be Somethin' In The Water
City Of Shame
Me and Rose Connelly
How Cold
Meet Me By The Apple Tree
The Legend Of Morrow Road
Please Give Me A Reason
Gather and Hear
Mean Kind Of Blues
I Don't Worry
Don't Forget me When I Die

Self Released/Independent

“(Down in the Barnyard) I love this album. I think it's superb. I am astounded by how wholly original the thing is, how successful the theme and vision were implemented and seen through, that it brought out Rachel's subtly brilliant songwriting, and most importantly, did not suffocate her most important asset: her timeless, flawless voice.”- Saving Country Music

“(Down in the Barnyard) "There was a strange kind of cognitive dissonance at work here, the brain pulled in all sorts of directions at once. There's so much depth here. So much room for vision, for contemplation. It's metaphysical country music. But the good stuff always is. To borrow from the great Dean Moriarty: This woman knows time. Dig?"”-Pat King , CC2K

*Photography by Jess Varda
*Artwork and Design by Katie Umhoefer

Sold Out